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Hello dear parents

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If you are looking at this page - it means that it’s time for your child to relax and you are looking for a place where to send him to have great time.

Be sure - our camp «Magic Castle» is perfect for you!

What does your child want? - FUN, FUN, FUN! What do you need? - Confidence that your child is protected, healthy, taken care of and fed.

We’ll take the best care of your child and you can be currently relaxing and the most important thing is that you shouldn’t worry any longer because your child is in safe hands.

Campers are under the supervision of experienced counselors all the time on the territory of our elite camp.
We moved technique from western children's camps to our terms and conditions and it is not necessary to go so far to get the best. It is here in our camp. The basis of «Magic Castle» was launched according to policies and principles of the American camp, which is located in Croatia.

We provide decent living conditions, a unique method of learning using games and interesting time full of fun and experience for your child.

Children's English Camp “MAGIC CASTLE” – is nonfictional story of a castle in Britain. Our castle is situated in Ukraine. Children like recreation, games and everything that is connected with the real world with magic. However, the magic of «Magic Castle» is simple - we attract children to the games, in which spoken language is only English. And our motto is “SAY YES TO THE BEST”!

Children's camp «Magic Castle» is based on the health and recreation complex «Castle» in Truskavets’. During the offseason health and recreation complex «Castle» – is a luxury hotel, styled in romantic spirit by Polish designers, and in summer it turns into a small castle, where knights and charming lady live and fantastic heroes come to life in ancient myths and legends.

Truskavets’ – is a unique resort. Carpathian mountains are very close to it. So having the clean and special air, as we have here, can be hardly found anywhere else. That’s why the Carpathians are called "lungs of Europe". That is why your child is not only relaxing, but at the same time improving his health.

For our campers, we offer a wide range of activities – playing classes that we have more than two dozens. These activities occupy most of the day, so there will be no time for boredom and idleness.

We got rid of the idea of “post soviet” camps and created something new, fantastic, magical. Along with games children learn English and acquire new abilities.

It is very interesting and unforgettable!


  • spoken language - English only 
  • Security
  • many activities
  • Truskavets’ - health resort
  • luxury accommodation
  • Democratic "quiet time"
  • Counselors-friends
  • Five meals a day (we know what they eat)
  • Excursions
  • trips for our campers
  • complete isolation from PCs, phones, computer games.

Is your kid at the age of 8 to 12? So welcome to our magic world!!!!!

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