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Winter vacation

Elite English Camp Magic Castle knights and princesses convene on New Year's ball carnival!

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Do you think fabulous heroes exist only on the pages of books, television screens and computer monitor? You obviously are wrong! They also live in a magical place called "Magic Castle" - where the tale becomes a reality, fondest dreams and desires come true!

It seemed like the days of knights, as valor and honor valued more than gold and status in society, when gathered charming princess at a ball in the elegant lighted room left in the past ... It is not so!

"Magic Castle" - a place where fabulous heroes are still living, knights strive commitment charming ladies, and delicate ladies are prepared for real carnival ball!

We invite all the knights and princesses to a magical kingdom "Magic Castle" from 23 December to 20 January! On any day!

The program includes:
Workshop on making masks and Christmas decorations, handmade:

• Teaching children to make carnival masks and Christmas decorations
• Handicrafts: embroidery, painting, weaving, knitting, sculpture, macrame, etc.

Ball Carnival New Year's Eve

• Theatrical performance "score-carnival", a real Christmas extravaganza for the knights and princesses
• Competition costumes and masks
• The New 2011 with Father Frost and Snow Maiden
• Gifts from Santa
• round dance around trees, to the dawn parade

Winter Fun

• Ice skating, sledding, skiing in the ski lift Instructor
• Snow war and modeling Snow Baby
• Competition – making snow figures
• Sauna, abrasion by snow

Christmas Eve

• Preparation for Christmas (explanation of Ukrainian traditions and rituals associated with this holiday, cooking for dinner, learn carols)
• Christmas Nativity (Christmas show with the participation of national teams, church choir, singing carols, wishing)
• Christmas dinner (festive dinner , following the traditions of the Ukrainian people)

Tournament and evening of a true lady

• Evening of  talents and skills for knights and princesses
• Competition and tolerance etiquette

Of cause:

• Many entertainment, competitions, fun and games
• Watching movies and cinema, learning songs
• Various entertainment evenings
• prizes and gifts
• Bowling
• Guided tasting mineral springs and visiting museums
• Table tennis, darts, tetherball, board games
• Preventive method of "Naftussya"
• Many more

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