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Spoken Language - English only!  All, without exception, people in «Magic Castle» communicate with each other only in English. From the day of arrival and until departure time your child will live in English-speaking environment and slowly will start to speak English. Most counselors understand Ukrainian, so you shouldn’t  worry that your child will become isolated and unable to communicate with other residents.

Safety first. Don’t worry about your kid, because in our camp every counselor is taking care only of four campers, so 24 hours a day they are under care. This decision  made ​​by us was based on the experience of western camps as a child”s safety - is our first priority.

Many activities. Activities –  games, hikes, excursions, and much more what your child can and will do, not to dawdle. According to the program of our camp, activities will be held three times a day and a huge choice of them: bicycles,  rollers ,  dancing, singing ....  And what is the most interesting thing, your child will choose activities according to his taste.

Truskavets’ is a health resort.  Camp «Magic Castle» is located in a quiet, picturesque corner of Ukrainian Carpathians. The Carpathian mountains are very close.  Paths in which  Jaunty (inhabitants of the surrounding mountains) wander will lead to the beautiful mountains. So having clean and special air, as here, can be hardly found anywhere else. That’s why the Carpathians are called "lungs of Europe".  Clean air, unique mineral springs - the perfect vacation for your child and no acclimatization!

Luxury living conditions. «Magic Castle» is based on the health and recreation complex "Castle" in Truskavets’. During the offseason HRC "Castle" – is a luxury hotel, styled in romantic style by Polish designers, and in summer it turns into a small castle, where knights and charming lady live and fantastic heroes come to life in ancient myths and legends.Location of plug-in system: 4 campers + (2 +1 educators), counselor is living in the same room with children. Each block has a separate bathroom, hot water heating for 24 hours. You can see the Carpathian  landscapes from terraces and balconies. The territory of our camp is filled in with many pavilions, playgrounds, an outdoor summer pool.

Camping Weekend.  We offer a camping trip organized and controlled by our experienced leaders!! During the camp children will learn how to put up tents, make a fire, cook simple meals. Flaming the fire, playing the guitar, singing songs, telling or listening to stories is an essential attribute of every trip!

Excursions.  We offer our campers an informative and entertaining tour, including: visits to monasteries, castles, farms dealing with  breeding ostriches and a sightseeing tour to a city-resort  Truskavets’, tasting mineral water there.

Democratic "quiet time". Nobody will force campers to sleep, but as practice shows, the majority of children after morning activities choose to sleep during the "quiet hour". For those who do not sleep – we offer chess, books, more logical games, etc.

Educators are friends.  Our choice of counselors is treated very seriously, because we trust them your child. They are young, capable and  smart.  They lead most activities, speak English, Ukrainian and Russian. While your child is staying here they become true friends, parents, supervisors and educators. Also we have "Mom" and "Dad", which will replace parents as much as possible while your child is here.

5 meals a day, buffet, personal approach. . The question about nutrition  for  most  parents  is  sharp, but we can handle the challenge   very  easily.  Constantly  updated  menu, which takes into account the tastes and preferences of every camper. Instead of boring oatmeal and semolina we offer delicious and nutritious cereal. Pizza and hot dogs will be required. Yogurts, juices, smoothies, fresh fruit and  vegetables, organic seafood ... this is not all from our list  ...  Breakfast buffet, lunch and dinner - on request. We take into account wishes of our campers, constantly updating the menu.

Complete your child's isolation from the PC, mobile phone, computer games and more. We will find something to involve and interest your child!

We put ourselves in the campers place, but we are not forgetting that we are adults.

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